Catshill Village Hall – Conditions of Hire. (A copy of this Schedule must be retained by the Hiring Applicant)

 1. Interpretation


In these Conditions references to ‘The Hall’ are to the Village Hall identified by the Hirer in the Application to Hire, and ‘the Hirer’ is the person who had contracted to hire the Hall from the Village Hall Committee.


The Catshill Village Hall Committee’s decision as to the interpretation of these Conditions shall be final and conclusive.

2. Payment and Associated Matters


Upon receipt of an application, including payment, the Booking Clerk will issue a confirmation of hire agreement. All Hire charges and deposits must be paid at least 28 days prior to the event, where possible (cheques made payable to Catshill Village Hall).


The Hirer will be responsible for the collection and return of the keys; arrangements are to be made directly with the Booking Clerk at least 7 days prior to the event.

3. General Provisions


The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that use of the Hall takes place in accordance with these Conditions, and for the purpose stated in the Application to Hire. Any breach of these Conditions or use of the Hall for other than the stated purpose shall entitle the Village Hall Committee to terminate the hire without recompense notwithstanding that the event may have commenced, and to recover from the Hirer any loss or damage suffered by the Village Hall Account in consequence.


Sub-letting and interchange of hirings are not allowed.


The Village Hall Committee reserves the right to cancel any booking in the event of:


Any necessary licence for use of the Hall for the purpose contemplated by the Hirer being suspended, not renewed or otherwise unavailable.


The Hall being required in connection with an election, a civil emergency or any other extra-ordinary or special purpose.


If the Village Hall Committee considers a Temporary Event Notice (TENS) to be inappropriate to the venue or a TENS notice is not provided at least 14 days in advance of the event. Whenever possible the Hirer will be offered an alternative date. No additional compensation will be paid in such circumstances.


The Village Hall Committee reserves the right to amend the hiring fee or any deposit to be paid by the Hirer at any time prior to payment in full by the Hirer.


The Village Hall Committee reserves the right to refuse any application without stating a reason for doing so. The Village Hall Committee also reserves the right to impose additional conditions where the nature of an application or other factors in their opinion so demand.


If the Hirer cancels the hire giving at least 28 days notice then a refund of the hire charge and deposit will be made in full. If less than 28 days notice is given the deposit will be refunded in full and some or the entire hiring fee maybe refunded at the discretion of the Village Hall Committee, depending upon circumstances prevailing at the time.


If the hiring is on a regular basis (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly), the hiring will continue on the agreed basis until such time as it is cancelled by the Hirer or the Village Hall Committee in writing, giving at least 28 days notice.

4. Use of the Hall and Grounds


The floor of the Village Hall has recently been refurbished at significant expense and it is an important condition of hire that the Hirer should make every effort to preserve its condition and appearance.   In particular the Hirer is to take great care not to scratch the floor when moving furniture and, should any fluid of any description be spilt on the polished floor, the Hirer is to clean it up immediately.  Proprietary cleaning materials will be available in the store cupboard in the lobby. The floor will be inspected after each hiring and any damage incurred during a period of hire may result in a deduction being made from the Hirer’s deposit towards the cost of repair.


The Hirer is responsible for ensuring good order and behaviour whilst the Hall is hired to him/her, and for the health and safety of all those using the Hall during the period of hire.


The Hirer is to be responsible for the activities at the Hall for the full duration of the event. The Hirer must provide an undertaking to be responsible for controlling the event so that neighbours are not unreasonably affected by the event, especially with regards to excessive noise levels.


Under current policy, birthday parties, up to and including 12th birthdays and 22+ birthdays may be celebrated in the Hall, but 13th – 21st birthday parties may not.


At parties for those exclusively 12 years or younger, 2 responsible adults must be in attendance on the Village Hall premises at all times, including the setup before the event and clean up afterwards.


The Hirer is to ensure that the Hall is left in the same state of cleanliness as it was found prior to the commencement of the hire. The cost of any additional cleaning required in order to return the Hall to such a condition after use shall be met by the Hirer.


Nothing shall be affixed (whether by the use of nails, screws, adhesive tape or other fixatives) to any wall, floor, or ceiling in the Hall, or to any of its fittings and fixtures, including furniture and decorative surfaces.


The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the layout of furniture conforms to Health and Safety provisions as defined by BDC and that the fire evacuation routes and exits are fully accessible.


The Hirer is required to set out the stage units / tables, chairs, etc, to suit his/her own function and to return them to the same places upon completion of the event. Furniture is to be returned clean and is to be stacked safely where applicable.


Bonfires, fireworks or ‘Chinese Lanterns’ are not permitted within the Hall or its grounds.


All exits must remain unobstructed at all times during the period of hire.


The Hirer is to be responsible for and must ensure that prior to an event the Health and Safety brief is read, informing and familiarising every one of the fire exit routes and all fire safety provisions during the period of hire. The Hirer must also nominate a person to be responsible to ensure the safe exit of any disabled people using the hall, through the appropriate fire exit route (Front Door).


The Hirer is to ensure proper use of the car park, and use of the parking bays, and to avoid obstruction of the highway and Village access.


The Hirer is to ensure that all persons vacate the Hall at the time specified on the Application Form. The Hirer is allowed 30 minutes prior to and after the event which is not chargeable. However, if additional time for set up and clean up is required the Committee reserves the right to levy an additional charge. Failure to vacate by the stated time will result in an additional discretionary charge becoming payable.


The Hirer is to be responsible for ensuring that all lights and equipment are turned off, and that the Hall is left with all windows and doors secured and locked.


Village Hall Committee personnel shall be permitted free access to the Hall in the event of any emergency.


All instructions given by Village Hall Committee personnel to the Hirer or to any other persons present during the period of hire shall be complied with immediately.


The Police and personnel of the other emergency services are to be permitted to enter the Hall at any time.


The Village Hall Committee takes no responsibility for any goods, materials, equipment, clothing or other articles brought to or left in the Hall by the Hirer or persons using the Hall at his invitation.


It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that all electrical equipment brought into the Hall and used during the period of hire has been safety checked by a qualified electrician.


In the event of the Hall and surroundings being rendered unfit for the use of which it has been hired, the Committee shall not be liable to the hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever.

5. Miscellaneous Matters    


Only gambling made lawful by the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act 1968 is allowed and then only if the relevant statutory provisions are complied with.


Hirers are advised that smoking is not permitted in the Hall.


Animals, other than guide dogs, are not permitted into the Hall and fenced garden area, other than as part of an organised dog training class.


By completing the Application form for the hire of the Catshill Village Hall the hirer confirms:


That the Village Hall Committee’s policy does not cover persons carrying on commercial businesses (e.g. professional entertainers, caterers etc), and that in such instances the hirer is responsible for ensuring that such persons also hold their own public  liability insurance cover for a minimum of £2 million.


The Hirer must ensure that adequate public and personal liability insurance policies are in place.


If the applicant will not be in attendance during the hire then he must nominate a responsible adult who will be responsible for ensuring that the Hall is used in accordance with the Conditions of Hire. The applicant is responsible for ensuring he is given a copy of the Conditions and is familiar with their requirements. He or she is to ensure that the nominated person’s details are given on the application form.


That they will abide by the Conditions of Hire as laid out above.