In the late 19th century one of the largest landowners in  the area was  the Cadbury family- of chocolate fame. True to their Christian principles they donated sums of money and tracts of land to enable communities like Catshill to thrive and be prosperous.

Thus in 1897 the Catshill village Hall was built. The opening was attended by several local dignitaries as is shown by the commemorative stones set in the front wall. It`s location was not in the commercial heart of the Village as it is today but on a road leading out of the Village up to the Golden Cross which stood on the corner of the A38 and Braces Lane. The commercial activity was along the Stourbridge Road between the Crown and All Saints Church and shops in Church Road.

In the intervening 116 years the Hall has had many transformations and additions to the building that we see today.

The Hall has played host to Soup kitchens, cinema performances, dances, polling stations, community meetings, protest meetings, wartime activities,

Today, the Hall provides a venue for all sorts of activities as can be seen from the website and a facility for anyone wishing to hold a celebration of a significant moment in their life.